Tharin Pillay

I can still write

I can still write, you know. I can write like anything. I can squeeze linearity from my looping mind like juice from an orange. I lay down a trail – drop by drop – for people to follow, and usually they do. I write like I swim – without thought or hesitation, and with patience, …

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Everyone Is An Imposter

I. I am generally considered to be a pretty smart guy. Now to say this directly is to invite doubt and disaster. I know that. I feel it deep in my bones. It’s been drilled into me that, outside of certain domains (like rap and sports), it’s impolite to talk directly about one’s abilities. But …

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Istanbul By The Horns 

When I think back on the five nights I recently spent on holiday in Istanbul, I think of words like “dense”, “sprawling”, and “kebap”. I think of steep cobbled streets and unclean air. I think about what a privilege it was to be able to travel again (or at all). Before the wonder of the …

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